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Tips To Reinvigorate Your Law Firm’s Social Media


Law Firm Social Media – Tips To Reinvigorate It

You know social media for your law firm is important.  Why does it seem so hard to keep it fresh and engaging?

Lawyer Marketing from FindLaw has written a great piece on how to put some fun into your social media activity and engage your audience.

They offer four quick tips that you can implement right away to get your law firm's social media freshened up and back on track.

You can read the full article from the link below.  If we can help you in any way, please let us know.  From Denver court reporters, legal videogrqaphy, trasncription and so much more, we are here to help.


Ladies and gentlemen of the legal profession, we need to talk about your law firm’s social media activity.Maybe your Facebook posts and tweets have gotten a little stale and repetitive. Maybe you haven’t posted anything for a while. Or when you do post, it’s about things you’ve seen elsewhere — a local news story or a viral video. You might have forgotten why you’re involved in social media at all.The reason you have a Facebook page, Twitter presence or LinkedIn account is, of course….

 Credits: Four Tips for Reinvigorating Your Law Firm’s Social Media


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