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Digital Reporting

Denver Digital Reporting

What’s the Difference Between Digital Reporting and Court Reporting?

A Court Reporter is a highly-trained and specialized professional who can take down the spoken word with amazing accuracy and produce a certified transcript that can be used in legal proceedings and is still the most-used method of recording trials and court proceedings.
A Digital Reporter records a proceeding using high-quality digital recording equipment and keeps a running log of speaker IDs and key words. The recorded proceeding is crystal clear, and the client can keep an audio CD of the proceeding that same day. The digital audio file and log notes can then be used to produce a transcript of the proceedings via our Transcription service.

But Why Would I Want Digital Reporting?

Digital Reporting should not be thought of as a replacement for a traditional Court Reporter. In most litigation situations, a stenographer is the only way to go. But for some meetings, hearings, and simple litigation when a transcript may or may not be needed immediately after the proceedings, Digital Reporting can make a lot of sense!

Agren Blando Court Reporting & Video, Inc. can bring this technology into your boardroom, shareholders meeting, city council meetings and other venues to memorialize important discussions and decisions.

*Our 7 Business Day Delivery Guarantee applies to Digital Reporting transcripts, too!

Digital Reporting Coverage
- Arbitrations
- Business Meetings
- Conferences
- Court Proceedings
- Depositions
- Focus Groups
- Government Agencies
- Hearings
- Interviews
- Mediations
- Meetings
- Recorded Statements
- Seminars
- Trials

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