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Internet Lawyer Marketing – How To Do It Effectively

According to a recent FindLaw survey, the Internet is now the most popular way people use to find a lawyer.  Having a presence on the Internet is no longer optional for your law firm or legal practice. Just having a presence doesn’t guarantee any success however.  You have to have the right strategy in place. […]

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Market Like You Want To Kiss Your Client

So what does “Don’t Kiss, Do Tell” have to do with your legal marketing?  Barbara Grzincic of The Daily Record in Maryland, recently wrote a great article where she explains the concept. It basically comes down to marketing like you want to kiss your client.  You can read the full article below and see how […]

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How attitude reflects leadership

  You can check out the full article from the link below. 6 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement: How “Attitude Reflects Leadership” | Talking Point | The Disney Institute Blog  

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