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Agren Blando certified by the NNRC Green Commission

Agren Blando Court Reporting & Video, Inc. is proud to be certified by the NNRC Green Commission.

National Network of Reporting Companies Sets the Standard for a Greener Court Reporting Profession

The National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC) has formed a Green Commission that plans to lead its group of prominent independent court reporting firms to, collectively, become the first and only green certified court reporting network in the world. The NNRC Green Commission is paving the way to create sustainable working environments and promoting the Green Movement.

The court reporting field utilizes enormous amounts of paper each year to print transcripts of depositions and other legal documents. The NNRC Green Commission’s goal is to come up with requirements for all of its court reporting members to ensure environmentally responsible practices.

The mission of the NNRC Green Commission is to certify every one of its members as an official Green Business. They will implement several significant and revolutionary changes in the industry, including:

• Purchasing and using environmentally friendly supplies and products, such as refillable toner cartridges and post-consumer content paper,
• Increasing waste diversion by recycling all paper, bottles and cans,
• Purchasing Energy Star-rated office equipment and appliances,
• Conserving fossil fuels by encouraging the use of public transportation by all employees,
• Encouraging their attorney clients to securely access their transcripts and exhibits via the web instead of traditional paper delivery.

The National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC) is comprised of the most customer-oriented, technologically advanced court reporting firms in the world. The independently owned and operated firms are all proven, experienced, capable, technologically adept, and committed to professionalism. Each knows their market, and their members come highly recommended by both clients and peers for integrity, timeliness and accuracy. Expectations for membership are high. Each firm is required to meet stringent criteria for state-of-the-art technology in reporting, professionalism and other attributes that benefit their clients.


Agren Blando Court Reporting and Video have served the legal industry since 1960. We are court reporters in Denver covering statewide as well as internationally.

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